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Certified Pure CBD Oil Tinctures

Sunshine CBD Oil manufactures some of the strongest and most potent CBD oil tinctures on the market. CBD oil tinctures are a popular option for many people who use CBD oil for relief from everything from anxiety to chronic pain. By dropping the oil under your tongue, your body absorbs the CBD quickly and efficiently resulting in fast acting and strong effects. All of our CBD oil tinctures are made from legal industrial hemp making them accessible in every state without a prescription. Our hemp CBD products are free and clear of heavy metals, pesticides and contaminants of any kind.

Popular Products

Our 250mg Pure CBD oil is one of our most-popular products for first time users. It’s a great product to see if CBD might be right for you without committing to much money upfront.

We recommend 250mg tinctures for stress reduction, relaxation, anxiety issues and minor muscle aches. Each 1/2 dropper serving size contains about 5mg of hemp based cannabidiol oil.  It’s the perfect option for people looking for the soothing, mild, relaxing effects over stronger formulations.

Our 500mg CBD oil is a “step up” from the lowest concentration bottle we have. Customers who graduate to this dosage are looking for a little more potency in their oils. We recommend that most people attempting to get relief from pain, chronic pain, muscle aches, and migraines to try this tincture out.

Each serving (1/2 dropper full) contains a full 10mg of CBD (Cannabidiol) derived from cbd rich hemp oil. With 60 servings per bottle this whole plant extract hemp oil can deliver the powerful healing effects you’re after.

Made with 100% pure cannabidiol oil from industrial hemp, this 1,000mg CBD oil can provide the relief you’re looking for from more severe illnesses like fibromyalgia, chronic pain, MS, arthritis and more.

It’s an advanced formula made from high concentration of CBD hemp oil, along with many other cannabinoids and naturally occurring antioxidants. Even though our 1000mg tincture is highly potent, it’s still 100% non-psychoactive.

How to use CBD oil tinctures – Instructions

Sublingual Administration- dropping under the tongue.

All tinctures we sell are the same size bottles, with varying concentrations of cbd oil. Each bottle comes with a standard dropper applicator for accurate dosing.

Dropping CBD oil under your tongue allows the CBD to enter your bloodstream quickly and efficiently and can provide almost immediate relief. It’s best to try to keep the oil under your tongue for as long as possible before swallowing to allow the most absorption possible.

Adding the oil to food, such as a milkshake or tea is also an option. Our oils have a light peppermint taste to make them more pleasant.



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