CBD Cartridge Starter Kit

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Our Broad Spectrum CBD Vape Cartridge is 100% natural and CO2 extracted from hemp locally sourced from Colorado. Broad spectrum products contain CBD and the other naturally-occurring cannabinoid compounds in the hemp plant except THC. 

  • 540mg Active CBD in each Cartridge
  • THC-Free
  • Contains 2 – 1g Broad Spectrum Vape Cartridges/ 1 – Vape Battery
  • 510 thread cartridge
  • 3rd-party Lab Tested

In stock

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Product Description

When we swallow CBD, it does not affect our body immediately. It passes through our digestive tract, which filters most of the CBD before reaching the bloodstream; it reduced the impact of CBD oil. When you vape CBD, the CBD flows into the lungs and diffuses directly into the bloodstream. This process allows the CBD to avoid our digestive tract, which allows up to 4x as much CBD into our bloodstream in order to achieve maximum effects.

Smoking is a major epidemic that has affected the world for decades. According to the CDC, smoking has resulted in 80-90% lung cancer cases and many other health problems and disorders. Vaping Broad Spectrum Oil offers a much healthier alternative that can help by breaking the habit of smoking while at the same time offering incredible benefits to the CBD.

About Broad Spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum CBD is full of all the terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and fatty acids found in hemp, all of which have therapeutic value of their own and help create what’s know as the entourage effect.Broad-spectrum CBD is a little bit of both. Broad-spectrum CBD is full-spectrum CBD without any THC. It offers all the entourage benefits associated with full-spectrum CBD, without any chances of THC being ingested into the body. Broad-spectrum CBD is an excellent choice for individuals that can’t have any traces of THC is their system, whether for legal purposes, passing a drug test, or anything else.

CBD Vape Cartridge

CBD Vape Cartridge

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2 reviews for CBD Cartridge Starter Kit

  1. haylee s.

    I’m so in love with this I had to get one for my mom too!

  2. Cylina F.

    Was a little skeptical at first, however, after all my research- I decided to make my FIRST purchase EVER thru your website… fiinal evaluation…Satisfied Customer😁👍

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