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It may surprise you to learn that the endocannabinoid system isn’t only found in humans. All known animals possess a type of endocannabinoid system. Due to this, our four-legged friends can benefit from CBD treatment in similar ways as people do. While research on CBD’s effects on animals is limited, there is still a growing body of evidence – both scientific and anecdotal – showing promising results for use of CBD in both dogs and cats.

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CBD is generally considered safe for dogs and cats, though there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you should always speak with your veterinarian before giving anything new to your pet, even a natural supplement like CBD. It’s also possible that your pet may experience minor side effects, especially during the adjustment period, such as sedation or an upset stomach.

If you’re considering giving CBD to your pet, make sure you check out the ingredient list or only purchase CBD products designed for animals. Many CBD products intended for human consumption contain other ingredients aside from CBD, such as sweeteners, flavors, and carrier oils, and sometimes these ingredients are unsafe for dogs or cats.

For example, xylitol is a common sweetener found in some CBD products that is highly toxic to dogs. Chocolate is another example of a common ingredient that’s safe for people but extremely toxic for dogs and cats.

CBD Doses For Pets

Another thing to keep in mind is dosage. It can be tricky to determine an appropriate dosage for pets, since they can’t simply tell us when they’re feeling better! Starting with a low dose is recommended, with gradual increases every few days. Depending on their size, your pet may need a much smaller dose of CBD than you do – yet another reason to seek out CBD products specifically made for pets.

Although our endocannabinoid system are very similar, our animal friends tend to need a lot less CBD than their human owners. That’s because their bodies absorb much more CBD than ours, so much less is needed.  Start with 5mg’s a day and see how your furry friend reacts. Typically, 10-15mg/day is plenty for the worst of issues.

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