CBD oil which stands for Cannabidiol is a newly discovered product, derived from the plant Cannabis Sativa L. Although having same origin with the plant from which Cannabis is derived, it differs from it in many ways.  Though, being under many observations, yet very famous, here is all what you need to know about CBD oil.

CBD Oil, what is it?

So, first let us differentiate between CBD, Hemp and Marijuana. Though they all differ from each other in one way or another, they belong to the same parent plant i.e. Cannabis Sativa L. The mentioned plant is extensively cultivated to produce two different types of products commonly known as Cannabis and Hemp. These two products are further differentiated on basis of concentration of a chemical compound known as Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is naturally produced by the Cannabis plant. Major role of THC is to create a state of being “High” by acting as psychoactive compound. Cannabis has THC amounts greater than 0.3% while Hemp less than 0.3%. This is also the reason why Cannabis is illegal in many countries due to its potential to alter the state of mind. However, Hemp has considerably lower amounts of THC and rather greater amounts of a non-psychoactive chemical compound known as CBD.

Hence, we get to know that CBD is a chemical compound within Hemp, less abusive and even more legalized than the Marijuana. Many studies and experiments show that they have even proved beneficial but still have no official approval by scientists.


Now, after knowing what CBD is actually, lets talk about whether is it useful or just another unsafe compound added to the list.

One major reason why there is so much demand of CBD oils is in actual, positive reviews about its usage. Many people have themselves used it to lower their anxiety, pain and even cure some diseases such as Epilepsy, without ending up being high. But again, for your own safety, I would remind that no scientist has till now approved it for any medical use.

On the other hand, some users also have reported few side effects of CBD oil such as tiredness, anxiety, Diarrhea, changes in mood and appetite etc.  So, one must consult his doctor before taking any CBD product, in order to know about its side effects on his body.

How to use?

Now the main question comes, where to buy and how to take in CBD?

There are now numerous products available in markets which contain amounts of CBD. However, they can also be taken directly in form of oil by just swallowing it or by using in your meal. But since due to its thickness I would recommend not to take it directly or else you would just vomit it out. So, one more way of taking it is by means of capsules which are also available throughout the dispensaries. One can also simply massage his body by this oil and provide the required amount to his body.



End note

Finally, I would say that, following the trend of using CBD products is not very wrong, but nothing is more important than your own health. Therefore, before using any CBD product or using it directly, you must consult a doctor because products may vary the amount of CBD in it and which might prove fatal for you.