Does your dog bark more often now, shows more aggression or have joint pain and you also have tried every vet, but still no answers? So, that’s the time you might consider buying CBD for your pet. CBD oils, which have been reportedly used for humans and showed good results, are now extensively used for pets to possibly help some of their diseases in order to make them relax.

What is CBD?

For detailed information on what CBD is, refer to our previous article. Just, discussing it short here.

CBD is a chemical compound present in Hemp, which is cultivated from the plant Cannabis Sativa L. Although, the famous drug Marijuana is also derived from the same plant, CBD is entirely different from it in terms that it does not make you feel “High” or changes your state of mind.

CBD for your pets, Is it Safe?

Before you want to know that either CBD products are safe for your pets or not, I would like to bring it into your knowledge that already many people are using them for their pets to reduce their pain, anxiety etc., with zero complaints or side effects.

It is very true that FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has not yet approved medicinal use of CBD but there is also not any ban they have put on its use. In fact, unlike Marijuana, it is legal throughout all the states in the USA and has shown no evidence that it is toxic to animals. Many vets are now also recommending its use as more studies continue to take place on its uses and scope.


CBD till now, has proven to be very useful for pets especially dogs. The main reason for which is, its non-psychoactive nature. So even, if mistakenly given high dosage to your pet, there is no need to be worry that your pet may start seeing everything double.

CBD has shown some effective results for reducing pain in dogs. It also has been observed to be an anticonvulsant by controlling seizures, tremors, spasms etc. in dogs particularly when being over aggressive or stressed. Moreover, results revealed that it is also responsible for slowing down malicious tumors and viruses which are very common in dogs and often leads to their deaths. But once more, for your information, none of the above is medically claimed or officially approved by any scientists.


Since it has not been approved by FDA yet, there is no standard dosage approved for humans or even pets. However, one should start with a very light dose, and see if there is any side effect or changes in behavior. Although, as said above it has no side effects but still precautionary measures are always good.

CBD can be provided to dogs in the same manner as in the case of humans, i.e. either in the food or mixed with water. On average, an animal starts to experience the effects within 1-3 hours, but it may be as quick as 5 minutes or as long as 96 hours.

At last I would say, there is no risk in buying CBD for your pets, but still, for the safety of them, we advise speaking to a veterinarian first before adding it to their diet.