What is broad-spectrum CBD?

To understand broad-spectrum CBD, we’ll need to know about the two main types of CBD available on the market. You’ll find full-spectrum CBD and CBD Isolate.

CBD Isolate is 99.9% pure CBD, which means during the process to create the liquid everything is removed from the plant matter, such as THC, oils, terpenes and plenty more, leaving just the pure CBD. Full-spectrum CBD doesn’t go through the rigorous isolation process. Everything that the plant contains makes its way into the full-spectrum CBD.

Broad-spectrum CBD falls in the middle of the two. It does follow the isolation process, but only to remove the THC. Everything else from the plant is part of the final product of Broad-spectrum CBD.


What methods can I use to take CBD?

There are several ways to take CBD, with vaping being one of them. Before covering the advantages associated, we’ll cover the different ways to take CBD. Please see below:


Sublingual Tinctures – This involves placing a drop of CBD under the users tongue, allowing it to be absorbed into the blood stream.

Ingestion – The CBD can be mixed in with food or drink to allow the user to ingest the liquid.

Inhalation – Inhaling CBD, such as through vaping or smoking, allows the liquid to make its way into the bloodstream quickly and easily.

Topical Application – Using a type of ointment such as a balm or moisturiser allows for the body to absorb the CBD into the body.


How does vaping broad-spectrum CBD work?

Vaping is a relatively new alternate to smoking. Designed initially to help smokers to stop their smoking habits, vaping has taken the world by storm and offers a large range of alternatives for various things. When vaping, a liquid containing various ingredients such as nicotine is heated very quickly within a chamber to produce a vapour (which is where the term vape derives from) for the user to inhale and take in the vapour into their lungs. This alleviates many chemicals associated with smoking, which in short term studies suggests that it is a much safer method.

When vaping, the device will heat up the oil very quickly to evaporate it. This will then create a vapour which is designed to be inhaled by the user, where the vapour will then reach their lungs. Within the lungs, the blood vessels are extremely thin to allow oxygen to easily make its way into the bloodstream. Because of this, inhaling this vapour means the CBD gets straight into the users bloodstream, meaning very quick and efficient results.

Due to the characteristics of broad-spectrum CBD, the user will experience the benefits very quickly from inhalation.

What are the advantages of broad-spectrum CBD?

With any type of CBD, there are a range of different effects that are all similar. You can expect to experience a calming effect, and often drowsiness if it’s an early use of the product.

As covered earlier, broad-spectrum CBD is very similar to full-spectrum CBD but without the THC content. THC is the cannabinoid associated with the effects of getting high. To truly ensure that this is the case, broad-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate are created from industrial hemp, as hemp extracts contain minimal traces of THC (commonly less than 0.3%). For full-spectrum CBD this uses the marijuana plant as it allows for THC to be included in the final product easily.

Because broad-spectrum CBD contains many of the beneficiaries of full-spectrum CBD, but without the THC side of it. Many employers conduct drug tests and THC is the thing that flags up for marijuana, therefore without this you’ll still reap the benefits of CBD but without the risk of being associated with taking narcotics.


CBD has been associated with helping to alleviate symptoms with many different illnesses and disorders. A few researched and documented disorders that CBD helps with are below.



Depression is a mental disorder that affects a persons mental well-being, often requiring antidepressants to help regulate brain activity. CBD can help act as an antidepressant.

Within our bodies, there are many different regulatory cannabinoids that influence mood, sleep, appetite and more. When somebody suffers with depression it takes a knock on these functions, and an antidepressant can be used to help regulate these functions.

Antidepressants are used to help alleviate the feelings associated with depression

by balancing the chemicals within your brain. Common effects of an antidepressant will help to improve your mode, help you sleep and plenty more benefits.



Inflammation is caused within the body under many different circumstances, but chronic inflammation is recognised as the most dangerous. It can be for a variety of reasons and many researchers believe it due to diet, but nonetheless it can lead into worsened problems such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Despite that it’s recognised as being easy to prevent, CBD can help to reduce the risks of these diseases extremely well by acting as an anti-inflammatory. This helps to lower the risk of getting any inflamamation related illnesses in a very effective manner, and using broad-spectrum CBD, you’ll not have the effects of feeling high associated with THC.


There have been many different studies conducted on the effects that CBD has on anxiety and they all show that CBD significantly reduces the effects of anxiety.

In 2011, a study compared two separate groups of patients where one group had an oral dose of CBD and another had a placebo. At the end of the study, it was found that the group who took the placebo experienced little change to their anxiety levels however those that took the CBD oil had a significant decrease. This is just one study of many that proves there is a strong connection between CBD oil, and the reduction of anxiety levels.



Seizures can be helped to be tamed by the use of CBD. Epileptic seizures are the most known forms and many studies have been conducted to determine the effects of CBD on these seizures, where the main outcome has been positive.




Parkinson’s disease affects the brain and central nervous system, causing the body to have less control over the muscles and causing tremors. This unfortunate disease causes the body to worsen, and the condition to continue to degenerate.

With the use of CBD it is strongly believed that the muscles start to be more easily controlled, reducing the tremors significantly.

Along with tremors, Parkinson’s disease comes with lots of pain. In studies there have been benefits from CBD alone that he pain and inflammation associated with Parkinson’s is reduced.



Arthritis is a disease that effects the joints of a person, causing serious discomfort and inflammation of the joints. In a study from the European Journal of Pain, using an animal model CBD applied directly to the skin he pain and inflammation to the patient was lowered.



It sounds strange, but CBD has been proven to help addicts battle with their demons. It was in 2015 that 14 separate studies were reviewed and the results showed that CBD could help with the following addictions:


  • Cocaine
  • Tobacco
  • Cannabis
  • and more…


Addiction is known as a tough problem to face and an even tougher one to recover from, but from the research that has been taken, it suggests that CBD can help with recovery.


How does vaping help administer broad-spectrum CBD?

Vaping creates a vapour to allow the liquid CBD to be inhaled as a gas. This means that the user will breathe in the gas which will go into their lungs and easily filter into the bloodstream. Because of this, CBD will then travel around the body very quickly, allowing the effects of CBD to rapidly be administered.


What do you need to start vaping broad-spectrum CBD?

To start using broad-spectrum CBD it is strongly advised to consult a medical professional, such as your doctor, firstly to ensure there are no problems or complications.

Once you’ve been given the all clear, you’ll need to get an electronic cigarette. These are comprised of several parts, which you can buy separately or as an all-in-one kit. The main parts you’ll need are a mouthpiece, a tank (also known as a cartridge), an atomizer and a battery.

Once you have all of this equipment, you’ll need a broad-spectrum CBD vaping liquid. These ‘juices’, as they are commonly referred to, are specially designed to contain a certain percentage of CBD. This percentage varies depending on the company you purchase them from, as they can all differ.

Once you have all of this together, you’re ready to start! As advised earlier, always make sure to consult your doctor before starting to take CBD.


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